A proven, exciting Retirement planning process for individuals and couples, The Best-Half is a combination of workshops, coaching and personal reflection. It was developed by experienced coaches and educators. For organizations, The Best-Half is a process to be used in succession management especially for transitions and to establish common goals and objectives in the senior phases of a career.

Monday, April 18, 2005

The top ten myths of retirement

Myth Number 1
All retirees are pretty much the same.
In fact there are many different types of retiree and potential or pre retirees. The differences comedown to attitude, preparation level (both monetary and mentally) and circumstance.
My favourate group of retirees are discussed in my book and are based on research conducted by Insurance Giant AIG. They are the Ageless Explorers. 27% of future retirees are ageless explorers. This group personifies the new ideal for retirement. Not satisfies with traditional definitions they seek to be active, productive and independent in retirement. Personal freedom and flexibility are keys to making their retirement a happy and fulfilling one. Retirement represents a continuation of what life has been.
Comfortable contents 19% - are looking for relaxation and enjoyment of the fruits of their labours. Personal growth and responsibility are less important.
Live for Todays - 22%
Live for todays are Ageless explorers with out money. They seek a whole new life and possibly transformation in retirement.
Sick and Tireds 32% A significant portion of this group are widowed and in poor health. They have not saved for retirement and view retirement as a winding down of life.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Other Resources

I came across an interesting website www.totalmerrill.com/retirement. This is the new direction in retirement planning for US Industry giant Merrill Lynch. For those of you familiar with The Best-Half, you will see a strong link to BH concepts and trends.
Merrill is putting hugee bucks into this launch with the website launching in a 12 page colour insert in the Sunday New York Times. Not too shabby.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Thursday April 14

I was watching Oprah the other day with Tracy Gold. Oprah said sometihing very interesting which was: your life is not about the mistakes you made but about the possibilities you have.
Figuring out what to do in the Best-Half is really all about opening yourself up to possibilities.
I heard one of my son's CDs the other day, Ben Gibbard, a young singer songwriter, who does improbable versions of songs like Thiller, girls just want to have fun and Complicated. Just someone seeing possibilities that others don't see. (now I have to learn the songs).

What are the possibilities you are going to see and seize on today?

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Gordon Neufeld

Welcome to the Best-Half

The Best-Half is a proven process for helping individuals and couples create their perfect future for the second or Best-Half of their life. This process is done through participation in The Best-Half Discovery Forum or by buying the Best-Half book. You can download the book at www.best-half.com. I hope this site will become a repository for new articles and a place for past participants to update their Comittment plans, request information about The BEst-Half or find out how to bring The BEst-Half into your organization.
The Best-Half is above all a tool to help people get clearer on thier thinking about the future and their personal legacy. For businesses it is a way for companies to work with senior employees to manage knowledge transfer.
Visit the website and let me know what you think!
Gordon Neufeld