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Monday, November 07, 2011

Team skills stand out in Chilean mine rescue

Over a billion people have seen the dramatic footage of the miners being rescued from the recent Chilean mine collapse. What is incredible is that all the miners were rescued alive, in reasonably good health and good spirits. The rescue tube worked flawlessly and the whole job was completed on time. If we look at some of the factors involved in this success we can see how an effective team can achieve great results.

One of the first things the team did was admit that they were going to need help in solving this problem. They then reached out to others with very specific expertise. In this case, NASA provided engineering support with a team and also provided important psychological and social input and even food and liquids for the miners. Experts from US and Canadian drilling companies provided expertise on how to get the miners out and provided the specialized tools and equipment to make it happen. Three distinct plans were developed and each proceeded on a separate path. Even Oakley, the eyewear company donated sunglasses for the miners to help them adjust to the light of the surface.

The team delivered a realistic timeline for success and provided specific milestones to gauge their progress while actually completing the rescue faster than they expected. In listening to some of the media commentary, the Chilean government and the Ministers involved in making the crucial decisions acted calmly but passionately about their goal to save these men. In determining the key decision makers and team members, they did not rely on mining experts alone. Nor did they “close ranks” and keep quiet. Nor were only politicians official spokes persons. Rescuers constructed a camp at the site, invited the media and the families and turned this very unordinary event into a very community experience. The president of Chile greeted each miner at the surface; a task that took 24 hours.

As Canadians we likely know little of Chile, Chilean society and the people themselves. However while we may not know the specifics, we now know that this is a tremendously resourceful nation that has achieved something miraculous.


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