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Monday, November 07, 2011

An old fashioned event presents a modern experience

This past weekend we attended the Christie Conservation Antique show and sale. Billing itself as Canada’s largest selection of antiques for sale this show had more than 300 dealers across almost 10 acres of antiques. We came prepared with rubber boots, hats and cash. Approaching the site, it was clear that this was a well organized event. Police directing traffic, assistance with parking and free parking too. With all the rain we have been having the grounds were in sub-optimal conditions (see above rubber boots) but straw had been put down everywhere and where the ground was wet along paths, mats were laid down to prevent a soaker.
Clearly this was an antique show for the new millennium as there was an ATM machine setup and doing brisk business. Food tents were also in plentiful supply with a good variety of offerings. There was even a delivery service right to your vehicle. The merchants were clearly out to sell with prices that were fair and a wide selection of items. In speaking to several merchants, some who had traveled quite a distance, they seemed very pleased with the activity.
As an experience the Christie Antique show and sale is a credit to the organizers. It was well thought out, without being over organized. The unique setting of the Conservation lands was beautiful and surely more of a challenge as a presentation venue than an asphalt parking lot. The experience became multi-faceted – outdoor enjoyment, unique items, opportunity to purchase, people watching, some food and it didn’t rain.
Building a unique experience requires no effort. What we offer to our customers and clients is already a unique experience. What requires effort is the creation of a positive memorable experience that makes us return/repurchase and recommend.   
We can all remember a poor experience – they seem to happen frequently. A great experience comes along less frequently but when it does we want to become ambassadors that spread the word. Next year watch for the notices about the Christie Conservation Antique show and sale and see how a great experience is done.
We are working with a number of clients helping them to ensure that a unique, positive and memorable experience happen for their clients.
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