A proven, exciting Retirement planning process for individuals and couples, The Best-Half is a combination of workshops, coaching and personal reflection. It was developed by experienced coaches and educators. For organizations, The Best-Half is a process to be used in succession management especially for transitions and to establish common goals and objectives in the senior phases of a career.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Saw an interesting show on CH TV last night at 10 pm called The Golden Years. Not the Golden Girls but then....
Looked at my favourite topic - transitioning in the 50 year old age bracket into different life styles etc.
Profiled three or four canadian couples. Also talked to some experts including Gary latham from Rotman School of Business .He talked about couples needing to plan 5 years out for retirement and that we are on the edge of a dramatic shift in demographics as baby boomers age. not much new there.
what was interesting is that all of the couples had to figure out on their own what to do. They had no plan, no tools and no process to guide them.
TOo bad they didn't go to the BEst-Half. www.best-half.com.